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Wander Management

Keeping wandering risk patients and residents safe.

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AccuTech ResidentGuard


Accutech is a leading manufacturer of perimeter-based, RFID-enabled products to ensure the safety and security of residents in hospital and senior living settings. Our ResidentGuard wander management systems give Alzheimer’s, dementia and other “at-risk” residents the ability to move freely about their facilities while receiving the protection they—and their families—need. Using advanced RFID technology, these perimeter-based wander management systems put staff at ease while enabling them to direct their energies toward other critical tasks.

Accutech’s ResidentGuard wander management systems provide a secure environment for your residents at a lower total cost of ownership to you. With free around the clock technical support and automated staff notification, you can stop worrying about the security of your patients and focus all of your attention on providing exceptional care.

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